Since 2003, The Young Storytellers Foundation has successfully run an in-school arts education program in screenwriting. They target under-served, arts-poor public schools in the greater Los Angeles area, and bring entertainment professionals into the classroom for one-on-one mentoring sessions with students, as part of a larger curriculum in storytelling.

On the journey towards our dreams it is often important to take a moment to see what we are giving to the world. For Jayme Lynn Evans, encouraging children to trust their imagination and create is imperative. This is why she volunteers for The Young Storytellers Foundation.

"The mission of the Young Storytellers Foundation is to develop self-expression, self-esteem, and literacy through the art of storytelling."

Their belief is a simple one: that every child has something to say. From the moment they enter the classroom, YSF mentors treat every student in the program as talented, capable, and creative artists. Each mentor serves only as a facilitator. The student is the author - of every idea, plot, character, and word. By coaching, encouraging and providing positive reinforcement, mentors give the young writers the opportunity to fully explore and express their individual creative voices.

In all of the Young Storytellers programs, students are given guidance as they envision and write their own original short screenplay. At the end of the program, professional actors perform the students' scripts in front of an audience comprised of their classmates, teachers and parents. Young Storytellers does this with the efforts of an active volunteer base of over 2,500 people from the entertainment industry. YSF brings professionals into the classroom, giving students an experience that they can build on through the remainder of their academic careers.

Young Storytellers is a non-profit that is close to Jayme Lynn's heart. She has been volunteering with YSF since 2008 as both an actor and mentor. For more information about how to give back or get involved please check out