Jayme Lynn Evans is carving out quite a place for herself in Hollywood, cultivating a career that encompasses both the big and small screens with appearances in film, television, and commercial projects. To experience her versatility in both comedic and dramatic rolls, one only has to compare two recent projects. In the first, "The Other Half", she portrays a woman who brings two halves of a man back together after his legs walk out on the rest of his body. This dark-comedy short won Best International Film at the RCC Festival and was featured in a Comic Con panel, on which Jayme Lynn appeared. Next, she takes a dramatic turn "His, Mine, and the Truth", as a charming spitfire who discovers the dark secret her fiancé has been hiding. Diverse projects such as "Aquarius," "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," "Body of Proof," "Rizzoli & Isles," "All My Children," "90210," and "BigTime Rush" reinforce Jayme Lynn as a truly versatile talent.

Her adaptability on-screen stems from her fascination with the human experience. Born into an academic family Jayme Lynn was encouraged to grow and learn which lead her to Los Angeles to study at the University of Southern California. Excited by the differing perspectives of how people relate to the world, she enrolled in a 2-year acting conservatory post graduation. She continues to advance her craft at both Steppenwolf West and Warner Loughlin Studios.

In addition to being a dedicated actress, Jayme Lynn passes along her love of education by tutoring Kindergarten to University students in subjects ranging from English Literature to Advanced Mathematics. Additionally, she volunteers time to the Young Storytellers Foundation. Through this program, she mentors fourth and fifth graders, guiding them to find their inner artists by nurturing their own creativity through storytelling.

Stay tuned as later this year, Jayme Lynn will be announcing her role in a long-anticipated franchise project that's been years in the making!